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First, Doctor Lock makes me think of Professor Key; like the E.A. Poe story "Dr. Tar and Professor Feather", they just seem to go together. So I think he is looking for the key to unlocking his further potential, and has found it in a new and bigger wand. Perhaps there is undiscovered potential in that paint brush, which is aligned in front of that star on the wall so that it looks like a magic wand as well. I looked at the Ace of wands and the other wand court cards and I find the repetition of the club interesting. Perhaps it means that wand energy that isn't grounded will dissipate. That it is there to be used for concrete objectives. The King has a huge club and a very small wand. Perhaps with him a little inspiration can move mountains. Doctor Lock goes for the bigger wand. Maybe he realizes he has a lot of expanding to do and much to experience before he can be like Ludwig. Also, the club's positions are interesting. The King's is on his gut, the Queen's on the elbow of the arm she probably paints with, the Knight's at the apex of the heart, and Dr. Lock's on his forehead, or third eye. There is also the question mark and the die. I think he is willing to act on his inspirations, intuitions and hunches; to take chances and see what happens.

Edited to add: now that I've actually looked up the Poe story, the correct title is "The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether".
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