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Paging Dr. Lock

Paging Dr. Lock.....Paging Dr. Lock....

Sizing up the situation, Dr. Lock is pondering the question of whether three-dimensional stars make good objects to stick on wands. Having excised this particular beauty from the wall, thus enabling him to see the light of day, his concept was originally for a necklace pendant but he felt too much shine on the neck might not enhance his enormous eye. Tasteful jewellery is one thing, but when it overrides the natural attributes of the wearer, then it's time to paint the world with a different brush.

Dr. Lock has solved the perennial problem of wearing polka dots and stripes together, by putting the stripes on a stovepipe hat, separated from the polka dots by a canary yellow shirt and tasteful blue tie. Not the luck of the dice, but one's personal choice and creativity, tying in nicely with his ongoing ruminations on the contrast of equilibrium and pre-established harmony.

Indeed, Dr. Lock is a doctor of philosophy, and as he wrangles with questions of fashion and balance, he considers Leonhard Euler's Introduction to the Analysis of Infinity while viewing the mountain scenery from his new window. His is a process philosophy which prevents him from being mired in probability, and leaves him free to embrace speculative argument.

He currently fancies trying to paint the reality of axiological ethics on his tie, but needs a liner brush rather than a squirrel brush to do so. Oh well, back to the drawing board.
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