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Margarete Petersen : Eight of Cups - a path to the Unknown

  • Description
    I see, or imagine I see, a deep canyon. At the top of the canyon, the hills are bathed in golden light, the earth shapes suggest a woman with golden hair lying on her side with her back to us, in a white dress. All appears dreamy, warm and pleasant. However, a blanket of mist hovers just beneath the surface, and below the mist, the colors grow darker and more dramatic as we progress deep into the crevasse. At the depth of the canyon, obscured in blue darkness, solders -- or the ghosts of soldiers - advance from right to left amidst the chaos of hurtling grenades and bombs, - it is a battle scene filtered through a murky lense, its horror softened into an eerie dreaminess of indefinite shapes, dark blues, purples and greens.

    A narrow vertical opening offers a way out towards the light for both the plunged-in-darkness war-world, and world of somnolence above. See the image: Acht der Kelche

This is one of the most interesting cards yet, and the first one from this Berlin artist, in which I see the shadow of war. The dreamy scene above, resting on a foundation of fire and brimstone, moves me greatly, after my two years living in Berlin -- now one of the safest, most free and open societies in the world.
  • Translation
    Come down to earth. The narrow path to the deep gorges of the unknown requires determination and courage. Lose form. Be open to dark, formless, intangible feelings, which wish to come to the surface, unveil themselves and be seen. You must do part, and part happens without your having to do anything. Here it is a matter of precise emotions and feelings. Experience the hair-fine differences between the borders. A subtle balancing act between action and reaction requires careful attention.

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