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A strange card in many decks? In Thoth-alikes an image of "indolence" to be contrasted with Waites "explorer under eclipse". One of the somewhat harder-to-reconcile ones? But Crowley's description fits the Waite to a tee Thoth-like Indolences seem to suggest a journey by sea (over troubled/stagnated/polluted waters) - if only the central character could "get started". In Waites image he already has! In Thoth, he leaves little but decay, in Waite something of more substance.

MP has her polluted "chasm" and sleeping giant. The latter rising above, yet ignoring the turmoil below? "If we do nothing... the past will repeat itself"? Or, from opposite perspective, complacency destroying mother earth? Alternative options are always there - the boat or the path to the light. I'm sure Eco-warriors and peace-niks of the Haindl-Pollack ilk would heartily approve. j/k

Do I sense MP uses a lot of these as metaphores for "internal" change, whereas I persist with the external! Nevertheless a moving and powerful image...


P.S. I did check with (only!) the book of Thoth on this one. "The psychopathology of the path" The "German Measels of Christian mysticism". And who/what are Kundry and Klingsor?
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