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04/09 Five of Wands

Graham says: "Although there is fierce competition to gain a place in the Fire Wand Circus, Lucy is determined and has a strong will. There are times in our lives when we must struggle in order to succeed. Here we see how Lucy has punctured five wands through her head to get accepted into the circus.
Divinitory meaning: The Five of Wands represents the strength and courage to cope with challanges.
Reverse meaning: Overly aggressive, creatively exhausted.

A startling interpretation for this card. I suppose I admire Lucy's can do spirit here, but can't help wondering whether a place in the Circus, or anywhere else, is worth this kind of self abuse. I also wonder if she hasn't been down this road before- how did she lose her legs? Has she so little self esteem that she is consistently willing to maim herself in order to be accepted? Or did she first lose her legs and then figure that the Circus was the only place she could be treated as an equal and have meaningful employment, so she is willing to sacrifice much to get in rather than become a pitiable beggar?
It's early yet, and I don't see where this fits into my day, but I will be on the lookout both for genuine opportunities that require some effort, and for the pitfall of trying too hard for a goal that is not worth the sacrifice.
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