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Hmmmm ... this is a hard one.

Lucy doesn't look in too much pain for a peirced-headed girl with no legs. That earring must have been a breeze to have done.

She reminds me of the sort of people that are often excluded from groups and want to be a part of them. They will do anything; steal from the local shop, perform pranks and dares, just to feel accepted by the group. It doesn't do them any good in the long run or at the time - they just become 'picked on' and made fun of more.

Hopefully Lucy is not like that. Lets just hope the wand trick is just that; one of her talents. Maybe unusual and creative tallents are part of this card; being able to do something that others cannot with a lot of ease. Maybe the wheeled platform shows her ability to travel and set up act from circus to circus. I hope so.

Best wishes

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