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Cosmic Tarot-King of Pentacles

Mountains grace the view betwen teh arches and pillars that makes the kings abode his own. a goat (probably a statue) restes on a prefiece of rocks behidn teh king and to our right. teh king is flanked by the support beams of his throne, atop each pillar is a globe. This is a very regal and business like king. his suit is green, he wars an iron cross like symbol over his heart, the "curl" design is present on his lapel adn cuffs and his collar is very frilly and luxurious. this is aman who likes what he has and is willing to pay his way to get it. he holds two pentacles engraved with pentagrams and a yellow parchmant on teh table. his goatee is very ornate, just like everything else about him. desspite his outward motivations, this king does not look directly at you, he is shifty and aware of everything around him at al times.

Perhaps that tis the interpretation of the card taht applies the most, this is a man who takes great stock in being aware. hi sattention to detail is obviously greter than average given the ornateness of his environment. his crown is simple, but authoritive, a message to take authority of your property and respect that which belongs to others, great things will come to you if so. hsi shifty eyes indicate taht this king will take stock in the cards that surround him.
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