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Margarete Petersen Study -Ace of coins - the Universal Egg

  • To generate life. Just as the entire tree is contained in a seed, so the Ace of Coins contains the entire potential of the suit of earth:
    -Growth, nourrishment, the plant and animal kingdoms. All of visible creation with all its possibilities of becoming. Material things, profit, security, as well as the physical-organic. The entire richness of earth unfolds her possibilities before you. A time for a new project, trust that that which nourrishes you. Thoughts, wishes, solidity, good possibilities, a seed to plant. Take care of the body and all of its needs.

Link to image: As der Münzen

MP's by-now familiar snake is coiled around a seed pod, bearing a ressemblance to the womb.

The snake coiled around a seed/egg from which all of creation is ready to spring, recalls the creation myth of the "Orphic Egg", or "world egg" -- symbolism also used by Crowley. In the (perhaps apocryphal?) re-construction of the myth by Robert Graves ... Eurynome (ocean goddess) is impregnated by the Serpent Ophion:
Next, she assumed the form of a dove,
brooding on the waves
and, in due process of time, laid the Universal Egg.
At her bidding, Ophion coiled seven times about this egg,
until it hatched and split in two.
Out tumbled all things that exist, her children.
Pelasgian creation myth

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