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this is very interesting to me, and i have just started working with the deck so bear with me. i like the idea that things are not so hierarchical in this deck.

the seer senses what is out there. s/he does not necessarily come to conclusion about it or integrate it, it just is the experience and brings forth the message.

the seeker is a more active card. they move and interact with the world. they are seeking out experiences.

the sibyl suggests a feminine wisdom that has come through reflection upon life experience as well as inner seeing. she possesses a huge amount of inner strength and clarity.

the sages wisdom comes from the experience gained from past action. it is like the wise elder or chief of a tribe who is also a great warrior when the time comes it to be necessary.

these are just my initial thoughts with little experience of the deck yet. I would love to hear what people's understanding and experience working with these over time has been.
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