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Phantasmagoric Theater - Six of Coins (Kit)

Advertising tricks aside, a product we produce stands alone and may or may not command a price that we feel reflects it's value. Give and take in the world of commerce can be fraught with difficulties, and maintaining inner balance and a strong sense of self worth amidst the vagaries of fad and fashion is the challange of the artist who wants his art to reflect his viewpoint/values and not cater to the current trends. Kit seems to have found her balance. She looks pleased and proud to have found a buyer for her caged doll. With her wheeled cart, she looks ready to move on down this curvy road until she finds someone else who can appreciate her work. The windmill is stationary and must wait for the wind to move it, but Kit is like the wind itself, ready to blow into town and share her unique talent and vision. Hopefully, the townspeople, like this one, will reciprocate by exchanging some of the wages earned from a steady job for a piece of unique sculpture. Kit gets the stability of steady income added to her vagabond existence, and the work-a-day townspeople get the type of art that can only be created by someone who dedicates themselves full time to their craft. (I say this as one of the non-artist, work-a-day blokes, myself. This morning I ordered a painting online from a guy in Tennessee who paints full time, and it seemed a type of cool balance had indeed been reached:-)

Graham's booklet says: "Kit is a person who values her work. She is selling some of her recent sculptures to a neighbor. She has a good sense of business and understands the laws of balance; when we use our skills, we should receive something in return.
Divinitory Meaning: The Six of Coins reminds us of the importance of self- evaluation.
Reversed Meaning: Being overly generous to the point of putting yourself at a disadvantage."
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