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well, since I'm starting fresh here, I figured I'd begin with the Fool. I really appreciate having everyone else's thoughts on the cards, it adds more dimensions... and I'm not the most observant of people when it comes to little things (or not so little things), like how the hat is disproportionate and may slip off, or that the dog is doing yoga! haha. So, thanks. I know I'm going to enjoy following in you guys' tracks.

my thoughts on the fool... what struck me the most was two things. First, he is not even touching the ground or the platforms. He's kinda floating on tiptoe in front of the structure. Also, why is he twisted like that, with his arm all the way behind him? What an odd way to hold oneself. (Is he doing yoga too?) Or perhaps he is engaged in a "Simon Says" game with the dog...("stretch your left leg out...")... or even saying look what strange position *I* can get in... ("can you do this?)

Also, I think the circle of cloudy brush strokes relates to the whole "zero" thing... just understated.

I'm sure I'll have more to say....

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