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Tarot of Prague Café Club - Knight of Cups

This has to be the most visually stunning minor card in the deck. The shades of gold and lavender/purple seem almost at odds with each other symbolising, perhaps how the Knight's dreaminess is at odds with pragmatic reality. The purple seems to seep and stream from the horse who is suspended upside down (like the Hanged Man - I wonder if there's some significance in that) down to the city below, tinging the snowy rooftops of the city. Is this how the world seems to the Knight? Does he look at it through lavender coloured glasses; is everything for him filtered through the fantastic light of dreams?

The cup that he holds aloft reminds me of the monstrance in which the host is displayed for adoration at the Catholic ceremony of Benediction (dredging up the old childhood memories here). That too has sun like rays radiating from it. In the card, this is echoed by hazy sunshine coming through the trees along the horizon below. Suggestive of optimism, perhaps, and possibility. Perhaps the qualities of the Knight are helpful on the journey towards the joy and brilliance of the Sun card.

It has to be remembered that, on this horse, despite its amazing aura, Sir Knight is not actually going anywhere. He can bring gifts of imagination and emotion to the world, but I can imagine situations where he would be quite redundant, a hindrance even, sitting around daydreaming, torchbearing, when there's work to be done.
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