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Hi, I was just passing the Cafe Club and thought I would pop in for a few minutes while waiting for the bus.....

my feelings about this card:

My first reaction is a kind of distaste for the dead horse (that's what it looks like to me), not just dead but kind of degraded.

BUT... I look further, its comical and attention seeking - not real.

The colours of purple and gold are theatrical and mystical, is he puting on a show? He is drawing attention to himself, on show above the city where many people can see him and he looks victorious. This is where he is comfortable, in the unreal, make believe world.

The cup held aloft with the sun rays splayed out remind us that there is nothing wrong with wishes and dreams - they make us happy and give us a goal at times

He's a knight, which means he is active, engergetic and enthusiastic about the suit he represents, this could be none other than the Knight of Cups.

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