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cosmic tarot, the aces

The four aceds of this deck present the suits in tehir absolute form and without hesitation of their powers. Along with a brief description and commentary folowed by a brief way of using the cards for the complicated readings this deck generates.

The ace of cups: The cup overfloweth. Not only is this cup overflowing, but its ready to tim pver, 12 stars arch over the top of thsi cup and teh eotional overtones and abundnace are everpresent. if this card appears above one card, then teh abundance will flow onto what is below, if it is below then what is above will tip it over. if it is inbetween two other cards, one above and below, the as above so below and throut the cup is goes.

Ace of wands. An explosion of power brusts from the top of the wand, zig-zagging lines trace downward into the ground (?) below and a stary sky in teh background creates a majestic view. Regardles of where this card fall,s the explsion fo nergy is then present in every card after.

Ace of swords. The hilt of thsi sword is the crown present in other decks. if the the sword is held in honor, then the hornor of the glow that it emits will benifit all. the sword si srising and is a barrier of the viseca pisces, symbol of creative energy and symbolic of air. the lines of this card divide and clarify the surrounding cards complexiites.

Ace o fpentacles, at teh base of the large pentacle is a yellow brick road. there are crystals and rocksbefoe this 5 pointed monlythic seal of spiritual(crsystals) and material(the rocks) wealth. a steady ray of light shines through the pentacle with presumidly the sun behind it. 13 marks surround the pentacles, but only 12 are visiable, the 13th is hidden in the lower left. Wehr ethis card falls, teh rays of the light of the cards behind (or above) it brings a spiritual view point to the cards benath or infront of this ace.
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