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The Page of Wands, Doctor Lock, has just removed a star from the wall behind him and now investigates how it looks on his wand. What a good idea of him! I donít think the same thought would occur to many people. Doc Lock seems to be a very innovative guy with some really original and refreshing ideas. I get the impression he very much thinks outside the box.

Originally posted by galadrial
I think he is willing to act on his inspirations, intuitions and hunches; to take chances and see what happens.
Very true, Galadrial!

The fact that heís searching for a star to put on his wand may shows that heís still trying to find his way through life (the question mark on his tie could show the same thing).

By pulling out that star from the wall, Doc Lock has revealed a landscape that would otherwise have remained hidden Ė isnít that wonderful? By experimenting and trying out new things, he opens himself to new horizons and new possibilities! I think he sees things others donít.
It also makes me feel that this Page has an interrogative nature and is always very busy, and doesnít like to be locked between four walls for very long. Heís a free spirit and doesnít like limitations or restrictive rules.

His high hat may show that he has high ambitions. The stripes kinda look like rays radiating from his head, and may show his unique, original way of thinking and his luminous, charismatic personality.

I had no clue about his dice, but when I read this thread I found a terrific interpretation by Maan!
Originally posted by Maan
His dice are a little weird. For me that tells that his faith or life is never structured and wen i get this card i always expect sometrhing weird to storm into my life. ( maybe trough the hole in the wall )
A large brush sticks out from a hole in the table next to him, and shows his creative, imaginative character. It also shows that Doc Lock gives colour to the world. (He seems a very colourful person indeed, just look at his pants!)

Originally posted by darwinia
Dr. Lock has solved the perennial problem of wearing polka dots and stripes together, by putting the stripes on a stovepipe hat, separated from the polka dots by a canary yellow shirt and tasteful blue tie.
LOL, Darwinia!

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