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Originally posted by spoonbender
LOL, Darwinia!
Dr. Lock is one of my favourites in the deck. No one beats Bundy but he comes verrrrry close. If I hadn't recently lost my old hard drive, I would have told you about his party boy habits, but I can't remember what I said, which many would consider merciful.

Dr. Lock and I are planning to read Lucretius together once he gets this sticky wand problem ironed out. . . and HE knows what a mandala is, having studied, during an episode of youthful folly, Jung's particular enthusiasm on the subject.

We are lucky Lock didn't embrace psychology, for who else could wrestle with Alexius Meinong's theory of objects and make it sound sensible. Who else but the Doctor?

The world is a better place for his keen eye and perception.
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