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Hello everyone,

On the 6 of Coins, we see Kit, who is a sculptor. She has a cart with her and is probably going around the village to sell her work. Sheís in luck, because she just found a buyer, who is already handing her 6 large coins.

A winding path lies behind Kit Ė I think she has come a long way. The die lying in the cart could show that faith laid out this path before her. And the puzzle piece could show that we are all part of a whole, and that consequently, when we send something out, we also get something in return.

By the looks of it, Kit mostly sculpts little dolls in cages . I feel that it shows that good art has a message and has a story to tell... even though people donít always understand which one exactly. It could be an expression of how Kit felt at the time she created them.

As Graham says, Kit has a good sense of business, so maybe that's why she made three of the same sculptures at once Ė because she knows that a lot of the villagers will like them?

I donít know why, but I felt that Kit lives in the windmill in the background of the card. The windmill makes me think of labour, hard work and industriousness, but at the same time it seems idyllic and peaceful.

Now, I noticed something very strange: Kit doesnít appear to have any hands ! She must be one hell of a sculptor if she can make those dolls without hands, donít you think? Anyway, because Kitís neighbour has an eye patch, and because they are thus both disabled, I think they understand each other very well Ė maybe thatís why Kitís neighbour can appreciate her art .

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