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Here we have a person who has allowed himself to become fragmented and splintered by the mental anguish. He has become ensnared my his own chaotic, self-defeating thoughts. His situation has reached the breaking point.

There is a gold beam of light emanating from the figure's open mouth, but no words seem to come out. Directly behind this gold beam of light, and behind the person's head, is a radiant sun.

It feels like the person is ready to purge the old thought patterns that have overwhelmed, and splintered him. It is now time to let go of the trappings of his mind that have him worked into a frenzy. His right hand almost looks like it is becoming transparent, or is it the sword pictured over the hand that is becoming transparent? This could be one of his steps to let go of the grip that his thoughts have had on him.

It is time to release himself from the anguish and insanity that he has created. Pieces of the horizon behind his right shoulder seem to be fragmenting off. It seems like he is finally on the brink the turning point to change his mind, and to change his world.

When he lets go of the maddening thoughts, he will be able to settle down and find oneness with his mind, instead of being manipulated by it and being trapped by all the insanity.

In the sky behind him, there are no clouds, just a bright yellow glow of the radiant sun. He has the option to himself around, and allow his spiritual self to release the cycle of mental chaos and insanity. It is up to him to change his focus, and to see that he has a choice to tap into the brilliant sun for illumination.
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