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Originally Posted by paradoxx View Post
<snip>Ace of wands. An explosion of power brusts from the top of the wand, zig-zagging lines trace downward into the ground (?) below and a stary sky in teh background creates a majestic view. Regardles of where this card fall,s the explsion fo nergy is then present in every card after.<snip>
Thank you for starting this thread, paradoxx.

I am looking for representations of astrological symbols in Norbert Losche's artwork, and how they relate to the meaning of the tarot cards.

The Ace of Wands is connected to the fire signs of the zodiac: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Depicted in this card, I see the ruling planets, Mars, the Sun, and Jupiter, which associated with these astrological signs.

The planets are shown in alignment with the head of the staff. They appear to be charging it with enormous energy, causing electrical sparks to spray in every direction throughout the universe. This picture reminds me of the creation of the universe, and every spark is a star.

It even appears to me that the placement of the three planets form a symbolic eyeball, and the trails of flying sparks have transformed Jupiter into the iris. Perhaps this pattern is meant to mimic the eye of God, as He sparks life and directs it through His staff.

The inclusion of symbolism for the planets, instead of the signs they rule, indicates to me that the Ace of Wands is the foundation card for this suit. Every Wand card draws its meaning from this parent or creator card.
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