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I shall put my thoughts on just the Ace of Cups for now (I am working a suit at a time, then the major arcana). The books describes this card as being stood underwater, however I saw this scene more as a beach when I first looked at the card, although either scenario works with how I view the card.

I see the cup is stood on uneven ground, despite this is stands steady. The twelve stars and the rising sun/moon - I thought it was the moon originally suggest to me time. 12 stars for 12 months (or I suppose 12 zodiac signs also), the sun and moon are the turning of the days. Something says that this cups stands through the days, nights all year, every year. It is ever lasting. The sea and ground can change but emotion and love persists - it is constant.

I read a passage of what I wrote about this card a little while back. It is completely different. I found it fascinating to see how what I see in a card can change with my own emotional state. I saw different things that related to me. This is why I don't tend to read for myself, I can stay objective.

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