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This is a very peaceful scene, full of harmony and togetherness without being overridden by passion and lust. They look relaxed in each others company. They appearance and position reminds me of a free movement romantic ballet - energetic yet beautiful and effortless. The couple seem as one. They are comfortable with each other and in their surroundings. They are understanding and supporting of each others needs. They know each other well and trust each other.

The boat on the lake could suggest they have a journey ahead of them to new lands that could be hard to climb - suggested by the steep mountains. Although steep the road looks smooth and there looks like there is something beautiful at the top of the mountains if they maintain their close relationship. Once at the top they will be able to admire how far they have come together after their hard work.

I also like the idea suggested that they have travelled in this place.

I really love this card!
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