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Traditionally Nine of swords is the card that symbolizes nightmares and angst; a mental state of mind that not nescessary represents the actual situation, but more the querents worries about it. While ten of swords traditionally is the rock bottom card. The "yes, your worst nightmare from nine of swords became true" card.

However, in Cosmic tarot, I tend to read the cards the other way around. It is in nine of swords the man actually is attacked and stabbed with swords. In ten of swords, the man on the picture is in a terrible state of mind. But not stabbed. And as someone here pointed out, the sun is still shining outside his sphere. To me this is the card that better represent a nightmare or panic anxiety attack.

Also, when I do readings with Cosmic I have noticed that nine of swords often comes up in situations where there are bullying or cruelty. Ten of swords tend to not come up in these readings.

Does that make any sense to anyone?
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