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Reviving an old thread! I just got this wonderful deck and I am amazed!
Originally Posted by Little Baron View Post
Oh my. This is somewhere I don't want to stay for two long. This scene comes straight from nightmares.

The fingernail scratches of blood across the top are fierce and sting. There are faces in pain and fear. Then, there is one smiling, possibly enjoying the pain that is inflicted.
I think the person who is smiling was just rendered totally crazy by such violence. He is just smiling like an idiot.

There is pain inflicted here. Someone inflicts. Someone recieves. Someone wins [however that may be] and someone loses. And I feel it is in the mind or through conversation.

I don't think that someone wins. Both are about to stab each other and both will be hurt. This is the essence of the message of the card, in my view: there is no winners in aggressive attacks, everybody is hurt.
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