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To me, the Fool in the mythic deck is childlike and innocent and IMHO he appears more foolish than he appears is some other decks, It is a big cliff he is about to walk off..yet the view on his face is one of adoration, bliss and excitement. He is clothed in animal furs and has an ivy crown. It is like he has crowned himself the king of his own world in his own way. This suggests a sort of bravado and self-confidence, that to me brings the old adage to mind: "pride cometh before a fall."

The eagle suggests wisdom and the eagle seems to be watching him with an attitude that speaks volumnes.

The one thing I cannot see on this card is if the sun is setting or rising. In each reading, I change my mind here. Mostly I see it as a setting sun, but this doesn't gell with the fool's expression (he seems to be looking at the sun) which seems to suggest the sun is rising...Sometimes I see him as so foolish that he doesn't care one iota about where the sun is in the sky and would be setting out from his journey whether it is Sun Up or Sun Down.

The cave that the fool is emerging from also (to me) seems like the same cave used in the card Strength.

The other thing that that strikes me is that the fool here carries no bad, no wand to hold his bag. He is dressed lightly and has bare feet. To me this speaks that he is very ill-prepared for his journey.

I actually intepret this card as I would in some other decks for the reversal of the fool - ie more negative...which often leaves me stumped when this card comes up reversed...For mostly I think the fool is quite silly and ill-prepared in the upright in a reversal I often see him cartwheeling out of control so to me this indicates he has recently begun his journey and already lost his footing..

Just my 2 cents worth
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