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Do Now and Think About It Later

Looking at this card, I think of nothingness. The nearly empty backdrop makes me think of zero - this is the point where something is yet to happen, something is about to happen. And this Fool is ready to take those first steps, with no background or previous experience. This is what makes him (or her) so exciting. He is is the kind of unconventional person that will jump into something without thinking about the concequences. This makes him exciting to be around, but at times, a little dangerous; maybe even a little naive. The foot, sprung out to the right, may suggest he isn't even going to sweep down those stairs - instead, he may just jump right off into that black void - the right (his left) being the future - in this case, the unknown future. He teases the dog. The dog has no idea, like The Fool, in which way he will jump, and I think it is that 'unknown', that unconventional and weightless energy that is the essence of this card.

This card symbolises a time where worry and anxiety is not important. This is not a time for making big decisions that will change the rest of your life. This is a time for impulse. Do now and think about it later. Take a sicky from work and have a ball with your friend; go on a spending spree, even though there are bills to pay; take a different and exciting role in the bedroom with your lover; change your hairstyle on a whim.

But remember, when this card is reversed, these spontaneous antics may be becoming a little old hat. Life is about responsibilities as well as just having fun. People may find it hard to trust you for you never do what you say you are going to. This behaviour may once have been fun for both you and others but your casual lifestyle is becoming a drag for those around you and your flitting from one thing to another, or one person to another is doing nobody any favours - especially yourself. On the other hand, the reversed card, for the more rigid of us, might suggest that a jump off the side of those steps is exactly what you need - a loosening up, a getting back into the swing of life and the nature around you.
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