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So, what are we saying here?

What came first? The snake or the egg?

Does this look at the cycle of the card fitting either at the beginning or the end of the majors, comfortably - it is both concluded and 'not yet begun' all in one go.

And looking at the general mood of 'The Fool', he does put himself in situations that could either be profitable in some way or potentially dangerous. The egg might be protected by the snake, but at the flip of his head, it might also spell b-r-e-a-k-f-a-s-t. As well as beginning and ending cycles, the card might be about taking chances and being at the right place, at the right time.

I can't help looking at those fangs and that egg. It looks like a little bald head and feels quite vulnerable and shaky. But on the whole, the general atmosphere doesn't seem too scary - the background is less sombre than in some cards. But maybe that is the unpredictability and being lulled into false security that this archetype presents.

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