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Originally Posted by gregory View Post
At which point it has occurred to me that there is no card numbered XXI; it's direct from XX Sun to XXII World. If that means anything to anyone ?
That's the same numbering scheme for my Gran Tarot Esoterico - XX for El Ciclo (Judgement) and XXII for El Mundo (The World). In that deck though, El Loco (The Fool) is unnumbered, and since there is no XXI card, it seems like The Fool there lies between Judgement and The World. It even states so intl the Aeclectic page for that deck:

Only very few decks have this arcana order. I wonder though, The Fool card in the Kabbalistic Visions has a definite 0 at the top. Pedantically though, the concept of Zero did not exist in Ancient Rome, so there is no Roman Numeral 0 per se, but I digress.
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