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taking blood into it's depths ...

Oh dear. What a mess.

A feather has been split. It has a deep wound. Blood poors over the next one, soaking the third.

It seems as though the second bleeds a tremendous amount, but its wounds are less obvious.

Have you ever felt a bleeding like this? A loss of life. Has your heart ever felt as though it's pain could literally bleed you to death? Not all wounds can be seen. Your mind can break and bleed, as can your heart, without a drop of blood for others to witness.

I have blanked out a lot of my own heartbreak in life. But I still remember this 'snapping of the feather'. I remember how it feels to be standing, alone, in my own puddle of emotional blood. I have loved from afar and seen the object of my desires with someone else. I have split from lovers and cried myself to sleep, even though it was me that instigated the conclusion of the relationship.

Fresh wounds and separation are in this card for me. Real pain. Tremendous pain. Messy pain.

But there is light. Infact, there is water. Things can only get better once tears have been allowed to fall and we accept what is happening. I see water in the bottom of the card. It soon washes and cleans the third bottom feather, taking the blood into it's depths so that the feather can try to rebuild it's damaged heart.

This is a sad card, but not one without a flicker of hope.

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