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Originally Posted by Sonia Doris View Post
Oh, I keep hearing about it, nothing has materialized yet, so I'll take this as an encouragement for faith! :-D




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You have to be honest with yourself: is the work you're doing benefiting you emotionally? Cause the goal of having resources sometime later from the hard work and meager resources right now are not helping your heart, and I feel they're not helping your expansion either. Moving on to greener pastures would work wonders for you and your emotional wellbeing. Yet the decision itself doesn't have to be emotional, just a clean-cut surgical removal of yourself away from that pile of unhappy returns. The VIIIoC guy and the Qos are heading the opposite direction of the VIIoS, you should too in this instance! :-D
In a way, yes. My work is soul sucking and I don't see much of a return, but I don't think it's time for me to move on just yet.

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That's a sense that you were forced to sit back, and take a mere perspective of s particular situation. There's a feeling you were forced to be patient, and not to rush things. As always, that's will always be a few minor obstacles, but you'll get through them with ease - nothing major.
You'll come out of this situation better than you were before. Not only physically, but mentally as well.
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