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6 of swords/3 of wands/3 of pentacles

Hi! It feels like the pace in your life has started to slow down or you're pacing yourself for something that you've been waiting for. Continue on this path as it will bring you what you truly want through sheer perseverance and hard work. You're almost there. Slow and steady wins the race comes to mind
Hi Katie! Thanks for this, I do feel this is coming. I've had for the past couple of weeks an inherent need to be alone and stop and meditate and such, and time seemed to be going like woooosh. Now I wanna reintegrate into society and go about manifesting my goals. :-D I'm pretty confident and relaxed at this point.




II of Pents RX - VI of Swords RX - Judgement

Things haven't been looking up for you, you've probably felt that you need to pretend to be happy, while you were not really happy. You probably found it hard to juggle all your affairs and emotions. But the thing is, if you stay in this state, nothing will change, cause it depends on your own action. And that action I think should be just taking a break from it all. Take a trip (over/on water?), don't think about anything stressful, just enjoy nature or wherever you are, be calm and relaxed. And you'll come back with a much lighter heart. And on the basis of that lighter heart you'll be hit by the A-HA moment you've been waiting for, you'll know where to go next and you'll wake up to plenty of possibilities! :-D
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