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Originally Posted by Sonia Doris View Post
Hmmm, I wonder who that is.

I'd go for the will. Well, my new project is my spiritual awakening, it's pretty messy and annoying at the moment, but I'm ace of wandsing it! :-D

Hmmm, again, I don't know who this may be.

Hmmm, I'll take this advice! :-D (there was this guy like a month ago that was obviously interested but wouldn't make a move, and it ended nowhere - maybe that's what you're getting, or somebody else? honestly, I'm not really the type to make the first move, but if I have to, well...)





Fool - Queen of Pents - IX of Wands ALL RX

What I get here is that you have a tendency to act without thought or to be too extravagant (especially if it goes beyond your actual budget). The thing is, you're not making yourself a great future and even if it may be warm, fuzzy and shiny, it's like what too much sugar does to your teeth.

You'll make people around you feel that they can't trust you and you won't be able to actually accomplish anything, because you'll be wasting yourself from too much carelessness and absentmindedness.
Are you feeling stuck at the moment and like you're not sure what to do in regards to a crush or possibly someone that is younger than you?. There appears to be an avoidance of some kind and you're trying to not face the situation. Although you're avoiding it, it probably will be the best for you in the long run. I'm getting a do not act yet with tgese cards

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