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What a fascinating thread.

I just caught AmounrA's reply as I was about to write one. With regards to the final Heh, it is not, from memory, a double letter, and therefore does not have a dot (called a 'dagesh'). The dageshed letters all have two sounds, one a plosive (eg, B) and undageshed the same sound but a fricative (same eg, V).

The Heh, also, does not have a final form, and is 'simply' a single letter.

In the Tetragrammaton, however, it occupies two places, in second and final position. As such, it becomes Kabbalistically significant, especially in relation to the four worlds. Yod is sometimes, therefore, linked to the Atziluthic realm, Heh to Briah, Vav to Yetzirah, and the final Heh to Assiah. This gives, with the elemental associations made by the Golden Dawn and enumerated above, the following:
  • Atzilut - Yod - Fire
  • Briah - Heh - Water
  • Yetzirah - Vav - Air
  • Assiah - Heh (final) - Earth
In terms of a discussion of the letters, I also mentioned something about them in the Letters - General thread.

I'll also post a comment on my view of the minor Arcana in the Malkut thread, as I personally see them more 'properly' fitting there.
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