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Glad to have your input, MB666.

The Spiritual hierarchies and the specific individualities associated with each Sephirah are certainly well worth adding, so thank you.

As you point out, the Golden Dawn (amongst others) places Metatron in Keter. Having mentioned this, I wonder if further discussion may be needed in relation to this order of being?

What are sometimes referred to as the Spirits of Motion are involved in providing momentum for celestial bodies - this doesn't, by the way, take away from scientific explanation, but rather adds a qualitative dimension of being to an otherwise solely descriptive and quantitative one (some will of course disagree!). The Spirits of Motion, however, are of a lower order than those properly residing in Keter.

In terms of the Celestial Hierarchies, I find that the Seraphim are of the order of Keter.
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