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Wow, TAitin the Sylph has a much different meaning to you lark then mine does. Which is why I love this deck so much, they mean different things to everyone.

Temperanceangel, not sure if this will help or not, but...
Taitin the Sylph to me reminds me of the 8 of swords and ten of Swords mixed together. She's a bright faery, but surrounded around darkness. The darkness to me means that there's a lot of stress going on, attempting to hold you down (binding you) however, your bright spirit, instead of being held down or binded, you make do with what you got (life hands you lemons, make lemonade and remember to hand a glass to a good friend b/c misery loves a sense of humor). If you look at the bottom of the card, there is a break in the darkness, a small doorway out of branches and leaves with some light coming through. You think there is no end to the muddled rut your in (even though your making the best of things as they are), but there is. The doorway is showing you an option (maybe not an option you would choose, but an option no less). The option is there to end the misery and to go on to the light where your spirit belongs, however, keep in mind that perhaps where you are at is where you are needed the most. Wether it is for the experience, helping someone else, or something else entirely. Just know there is an option, an alternative in "getting out" of the darkness.

Like I said, I hope this may help you, or if nothing else, add more depth to Taitin.
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