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Smile Thank you, everyone!

Wow - you have all been so helpful with your suggestions, thank you so much... even with the culinary herbs, as I am quite passionate at using a blend of "Italian" herbs in my sauces and salads.

The reason I asked about herbs used in Magick was to help me get started. My training and knowledge of herbs as healing plants spans many decades, but I haven't explored them for their magical or spiritual properties. I can look it up in books, it's true, but having someone who has actually grown and used them share their experience is so much better than any one-dimension list I can just read in a book.

This year I have hesitated in growing my herbs, as we are on our new piece of land. The forest is directly behind us, a Maple grove with some Balsam Fir and a tiny stand of three Ash trees, butting up against, 2 acres away, to a Coniferous forest. So we are 'protected' in the North with this great forest, but very open to the South, but only with dry, rocky soil. The forest soil is thin, of course and it's so shady that it will be hard to grow most herbs. The dry soil in front of the house will have to be amended greatly before any garden bed can thrive there.

So - for this year I think I will grow my herbs in pots. I have some nice containers that I can stack here and there. I have lots of room! So space is not the problem. Water is also not an issue as we have our own Spring from which we can draw all the water we need.

As for what I have... I had many perennials last year that were still in pots come Autumn, so I did something no one around here had ever done, and they thought me crazy for doing it. I brought all the pots together in one low spot in the forest near our berm/pad (on which we have our mini-home) and I covered them all with a thick layer of straw. They wintered very well, I am happy to say, and about 75% survived, if not more.

I have Garden Sage, Lady's Mantle, Oregano, Thyme, Mugwort, Self-Heal, Evening Primrose, Clover, Balsam Poplar, Birch, Willow, Sweet Fern, and small fruits such as Blackberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, and Currants. I use all for either medicine or food, except for the Lady's Mantle. I just love her unconditionally.

As was mentioned previously, yes it can be dangerous to burn herbs unless you know which ones are toxic, and which ones are not. I make smudge sticks from Mugwort, but only use it in the open air, and try not to inhale the smoke except to take a ceremonial whiff. Mugwort helps bring on insightful dreams. I also keep a wreath of it nearby when I do my Tarot readings, as it helps me by clarifying my thoughts.

I am so glad to have found a community of like minds where I can share my interests.

Warm thanks, everyone
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