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Ludy Lescot - The Threes

Well, it had to come...

I am fond of the Three of Cups, the girl is very focused on feeding the bird with grapes. The card speaks of companionship to me. I can see a star/ pentagram inscribed on one cup, the other two look the same? a sun behind clouds or something else?? Three can be a crowd perhaps.

Turning to the Three of Wands, she looks proud and strong standing before the stained glass window in the ?attic. The clown doll seems an echo of childhood. She's waiting for something, but what has she set in motion?

The Three of Coins unsettles me because of the startled expression on the man's face. The man looks as if he's been paid and is now using his skill, something akin to the RWS scene is shown either as background/ a painting/ a mirror. i'm not sure which. The black cat looks surprised too. Is he the same man as the Hanged Man (also a 1+2=3)

The Three of Swords looks full of heartbreak and disillusion. There's another of those chariot wheels lying about to the right and I wonder if it is part of the scene we saw in Justice. The ?triplets to me look like something in her mind because I can't see how the swords are standing up like that; there's a half buried pot by her feet and coins lying on the ground. Blood money??? I wonder if she's brought disaster on herself or been subjected to it, don't know. I can't find another living thing in the card. I was looking for a "something" to parallel with the cat (Coins)/ clown (Wands)/ bird (Cups) - oh and the Owl in the Empress, probably a red herring though.
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