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You - Mars

Flatmates - Mercury

Mars (yourself) is posited in your flatmates 1st house, and interestingly enough the flatmates are posited in their 12th house (secret enemies).

It doesn't look like you feel like you fit in very well around them, you somewhat feel different in a way like they maybe don't include you in conversations and stuff, or if they do you don't feel like they get you. Or maybe there's a sort of atmosphere when your around them that can make you feel a little uncomfortable at times. It does also look like recently (depending on how long you've been living with them) that you have started to feel worse in how your feeling around them.

Your flatmates do feel like they are indifferent to you and are in someway better than you, they are in their signs domicile which gives them more strength.

As your both in adjacent signs to each other this also shows that your not very compatible together, you don't really gel. I think they are more outgoing than you and your more of a quieter personality.

The 4th house which is where you all live has the SN posited here, which also shows that things are not that good.

Regarding more about the 12th house your flatmates are in, the 12th house is behind the house your in (so behind your back) so this would be a case of maybe them talking about you behind your back etc.
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