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Originally Posted by The_Hydra View Post
King of Swords/2 of Pentacles/4 of Swords

You're trying your best to juggle making important, executive decisions while at the same time getting the rest you need. It could be there's something you need to access or achieve first before you feel like you can fully relax but it's important to remember your health, be it mental or physical. It might feel like you can't stay in one state very long because the other calls to you right when you're getting comfortable or at least a grip on the role/situation you are in, or circumstances demand you play along with this push-pull dynamic. Do the best you can when you can, be light on your feet, be patient, and don't forget to take care. If not, it will be detrimental to everything going on.

Pretty much( but mostly emotional stuff )

6 of cups/ devil/ king of Wands
Oh boy- looks like someone from your past is headed your way, do you give in to temptation? Sometimes we romanticize , sometimes we demonized memories and people from our past. Be the wise and passionate king, and see through the murkiness. You had a role in it too. Maybe don't turn your back on the past, really analyze it and take that lesson with you into your future
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