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Originally Posted by LadyKathryn View Post
Pretty much( but mostly emotional stuff )

6 of cups/ devil/ king of Wands
Oh boy- looks like someone from your past is headed your way, do you give in to temptation? Sometimes we romanticize , sometimes we demonized memories and people from our past. Be the wise and passionate king, and see through the murkiness. You had a role in it too. Maybe don't turn your back on the past, really analyze it and take that lesson with you into your future
That is spot on - a wild mix of all ingredients. Highly tempting and confusing.

Emperor - Magician - 9 of Swords
When you look back, you realise that you've done the best you can do. Things worked out as planned. Now you feel even more creative, as you see yourself surrounded with many options and opportunities. You can create anything. When you focus on the things that need to change, your spirit knows no boundary.
Endless options, the good and the bad is equally possible in your mind racing at full speed ahead.
What ever you intend, be aware of the saying - sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.
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