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Re: Re: We Need More Stories Like This in the World

Originally posted by Maan
[B]And your right that guy has the most incredible imagination..i wish i knew him.
He does not even have his own website. Atleast i can't find it.
I would love to do an interview with him for aeclectic..or just for me
You must entail the help of the people at US Games--they will be able to forward your request. That's how it's done in the publishing business, if you want to contact an author, you write his publisher.

They have a marketing department that deals with advertising and publicity--here are the various e-mails at the company. You are the one who knows this deck and has the experience and enthusiasm to interview the author, but just be up front and tell the company you'd like to interview him for Aeclectic, I'm sure they know of the forum, and say that there has been a surge of interest in Graham's brilliant deck etc.

If not the marketing department, send a general question to the Executive Offices, I'm quite sure they'll forward your message to Graham and you can maybe go from there.

YOU are the person to do this excellent interview and pull it off. How long have you loved this deck? How intimately do you know these characters? Honestly Maan, what a fabulous idea.
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