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Yay! More Phantasmagoric lovers!

I love your comments about Howie's "antenna", Maan! It kind of helps illustrate my take on this card, which is that this guy is everyone's friend. People love to talk to him and tell him their secrets. Why? His posture where he's 'hiding' his arm behind his back seems to indicate to me that he'll keep any secrets you tell him and not whisper a word to anyone else.

And the way he's tilting his head makes me think he's saying, "C'mon over here! Have a cup with me!"

I guess I don't get the same "stand-off-ish" feeling that you do, Yaboot, but I do see where it could be dangerous to say too much to Howie. Since he is such a good listener he doesn't actually do much talking, so it's hard to know what his feelings are.



P.S. My deck lives in it's box, which sits in a lovely green basket full of my most often used decks (about 5-6).
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