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Tossing in my thoughts

Just received this deck today and find it uncomfortable. Probably because of all the male domination of young girls and the sad/bleak outlook. But I wanted a darker deck and this is definitely one:

Ace of Pentacles looks like a prostitute. The male hand is flipping her a coin and she has a resolute look like she has "been there, done that" before. Not cheerful but we do what we have to for money sometimes. To me she looks sad or drugged.

Ace of Swords again looks like a prostitute with a male hand offering her the cup. Less depressing than the pent. card though. Someone mentioned liquid going "up" from the cups --- there are several examples where the LWB mentions losing the emotion by hanging on too tightly to power (king) or chain on heart (queen) (paraphrasing from memory) but the liquid is rising from the cups there too.

Ace of swords: she is stronger (but her cleavage is untied). The sword is not hers. It is waiting for a king..... but not this king. In fact, I just examined all the swords and this sword does not show up anywhere else. We are still waiting for the worthy king to show up or maybe I'm all messed up and it IS hers but not according to the LWB -- ah, the LWB mentions "...the justice of a king with no throne is often revenge." And our king here has no throne. So, the Ace and the King LWB defs refer to another king --- maybe the one on the 4??? Can't quite make out the handlewrap pattern on his sarcophagus.

Ace of wands --- another male dominated young submissive woman. His commanding gloved hand holding the staff/wand to control her -- almost like she is drugged.

I get the feeling that the LWB defs are sometimes really disconnected from the bleak, suicidal, apathetic, drug-addled girls we see depicted here. I will need to keep working on coming to some sort of arrangement with this deck. Now onto that depressed-looking queen of swords..... sheesh!
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