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Whew, D-guy, you're gonna kill me, but after reading Diane Wilkes' review of the Tracy Porter book, I'm taking it off my list:

Yikes, Diane blew a hole fifty feet wide in this baby. We don't know for sure what the complete historical origins of tarot are, yet right away Tracy is talking about Egypt and gypsies and Kabbalah *always* being associated with tarot etc.

I think people can believe what they want, but history is history, and rewriting it doesn't change the way it happened. Think I'm going to bypass the Porter book for this reason.

The Haindl tarot was the second tarot I bought and I love it (glad to see you finally got it), even with the runes and Hebrew letters and I Ching that were never part of tarot origins; it's not the associations that bother me, it's the belief that they were always there.

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