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Princess Bitch

Finally got this card up (Princess of Discs). Wanted to post it for the recent full moon but April Fools Day will have to do. I was a bit dubious about the title "Princess" but I wanted 2 female courts so I am going with it.

Done a better job of processing it (or not processing it) than the Queen of Swords who ended up far too muddy. The work required to satisfy my perfectionism is ENDLESS though. And sometimes it is good to post them so you can move on. At least for a while. Thinking of renaming them the Sisyphus Tarot.

Here's a link to all of them so you don't have to go back a page for it:

Please excuse me for being scarce otherwise. I'm not very good at forums but I am quite friendly and happy to chat if anyone feels the urge.
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