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Originally Posted by Babalon Jones View Post
Cool, thanks for doing that! I will try to print some out later; maybe some of them (the upside down ones, especially) will be easier to read.

I think I might be able to fill in one of them you had a question mark on. The Hanged Man, under "Crucifixion and Marriage" I think it says "the Adept bound by his enjoyements" (sp) Maybe, anyway. Might be "engagements" but I think it the former despite the misspelling.
I'm with you there. (I have cleaned them up a bit in photoshop...)

Star - intellectual - says seventeen.

Hanged Man -Terrestrial - the Prima Materia. The Saturn. (Hebrew word)
The great work accomplished. Something that could be a missspelt Teheuti.

Sun - I think the missing word may be symbolism ?
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