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I am just using the Major Arcana
Also I am just using the physical landscape no “ special” connection

Sun and rebirth look like the same child also new grange is in both cards

The beach scene with the Moon, High Priestess, and The Wheel is alike and the 2 sanding stones in the moon and HPs look a lot alike

If you put the lovers and the hanged man next to one another it looks like he is hanging from the tree the lovers are getting busy under.

The standing stone (could be Stonehenge) the magician is standing in is in the background of the Star and Death.

The stream runs through the Hermit and the background of Death ad ends up at the Lady.

This is a stretch but you can almost picture the Hermit walking up the path to see the Lord.

The Eagle is in the lord as well as Death The mountain the Hermit is on is in the Death card( the Death card is mixed with a lot of cards)
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