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Death card shows the dolmen; Rebirth card could be that Dolmen

HP and Moon- in RWS as well, are the "back scene"- in HP we are looking at it from the front, the Moon shows the "back side" (as mentioned above)

Strength and the Sun appear to be in the same valley

Hermit is up on cliff looking over the valley that has the river flowing- which is later seen in the Lady card. Also looks like that creek flows in the Death card (as mentioned above)

The Star card has the stone circle- perhaps that's where the Magician is doing his craft

It also seems like the Tower Card is off to the side off the Star card- perhaps off to the left, standing by it's lonesome underneath the stone circle (hope this makes sense)

The Fferyllt card could contain the Wheel- in the valley, where the water is, on one of the islands could be that beach where the Wheel is being drawn.
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