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Trust me, don't be dissapointed.

I did pre-order this deck and when it finally shipped, it took about a month and a half to arrive. Only to have the worst cardstock ever. It's like $1 store plastic cardstock and I don't think you can ever really shuffle-bend it, because it'll crease I'm sure. The lamination is the most extreme kind of gloss I have ever seen. It's just really bad overall.

On top of that, most people I spoke to that ordered the deck too, had gotten the same kind of damaged cards as I did. Chipped edges, beat up box. Some people even had the damage move further into the cards.

Nope, be glad you didn't buy it. It was barely worth the money. The art is still beautiful, but the magic of the deck is gone by it's execution. I will not be replacing it when it is worn out which, I'm guessing, won't take long.
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