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Talking Does anyone stil use/study the Playing Card Oracles?


Well, the Playing Card Oracles by Ana Cortez and C.J.Freeman is still one of my favorite oracle decks ever! But since my last year fight with all divination systems, i had not touched the book nor the cards.

Now i retrieved this deck from the lost kingdom of the mothballs and feel like using it again. I love it so much...the images, the system...everything.

I was wondering if there are other hidden PCO fans around here. I used to be a major PCO advocate, lol . I remember 6 Haunted Days also loved this dack, but i haven't seen her around

I'm trying to gather the PCO enthusiasts again. Maybe we could study it together, exchange readings etc.

For those who don't know this deck and are curious, you see some pics here:
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