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Originally Posted by Manda
I have this deck and book, and while I really enjoy looking at it, the more Lenormand and oracles and other card systems that come into my life the more I realize that for me, right now, tarot is where it's at.
I think that's exactly what Im feeling but have been unable to articulate...

I love these oracles - Kipper, Lenormand, Playing Card Oracles, Nostradamus, Paracelsus, you name it - but when I lay out tarot cards, I feel like Im truly at home and Ive internalised the structure so well that (despite having masses still to learn) I feel like I swim within the system, rather than the jolting I get with Oracles, having to consult the book, remember the concept, wonder if Ive missed anything etc etc.

but with tarot I swim...
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